Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Personal Coaching

Coaches are guides and facilitators in you personal and professional journey. They provide inspiration, a different perspective, support you in creating a plan of action for a path forward and hold you accountable for your own development. They act as a sounding board for your creative ideas and give honest feedback you don’t get elsewhere. Most people identify the value of a coach with professional athletes. No matter how good the athlete, they always have a coach.

Life Alignment

Life Alignment uses the same process as Body Alignment and looks at the construct of your life as a whole to discern what areas are out of balance and what needs to manifest in order to create the life of your dreams.

Somato Emotional Release (SER)

We hold energy / events that we have not processed, in the tissue of our bodies. Sometimes they manifest in our musculature at knots or tension. Sometimes they manifest as other physical symptoms, nausea, and pain. SER works with the body’s energy field to gently match the unharmonious energy and slowly bring that energy back into harmony with the body.


Astrology has been a tool for self-development and understanding of our life processes and life purpose for centuries. It is invaluable in counseling as a tool for growth and clarity surrounding any major life event be it changing a job to moving or starting a new career.

“But two things we do know: Healing happens, and consciousness is involved. That is reason for unspeakable gratitude.”