Hanalei River HealingAll is vibration.  Each and every one of us carries the energy of every event of our lives in our bodies.  Where our energy is stuck or unprocessed, we form energetic and physical blockages. By raising our vibration, old thought patterns and behaviors that no longer serve us drop away.

At Hanalei River Healing, I utilize a synergistic blend of treatments to remove energy blockages and heal issues at the core cellular and causal levels, unleashing your human potential.  You have the experience of fully being alive. I do this through the use of several modalities:

Structural Integration                                                        Body Alignment Technique
Craniosacral Therapy                                                        Energy/Vibrational Medicine
Lymphatic Drainage                                                          Far Infrared Sauna
Jin Shin Jyutsu                                                                     Life Coaching & Astrology